Stop letting your body hold you back.
Get back to what matters most.


We all know that health is our greatest asset, so our approach to your wellness is treating you as a whole. Focusing not just on your symptoms but on your personal goals and vision for living a healthy lifestyle.

We don’t often think of aches, pains, and stresses as an epidemic in our lives, but, little by little, they affect your ability to have a happy, balanced life. With Momma’s Chiro as part of your health team, we relieve or prevent pain so you can achieve improved health and well-being. Dr. Aimee brings treatment, education, and empowerment tools and strategies to reach your own health goals.

How we are different

While we welcome the entire family, we have a focus on prenatal, postnatal and pediatrics. We help treat and prevent the aches, pains, and stresses that affect work and everyday life. As for the little ones, we want to aid them thought their developmental stages and encourage proper growth. Our thought process and approach is completely different than “traditional” wellness companies. Some of our unique beliefs include:

Care for you, not treating symptoms:

We always look at what are the possible causes of your aches, pains as a product of your environment. What is that you are in excess of (stress, chemicals, physical situations) and what you are deprived of (healthy eating, proper nervous system, movement). We treat you as a whole and teach you the areas that need to be addressed.

Family living rooms:

Between travel, traffic, and conventional waiting rooms, you will have an opportunity to lounge in our family living room area. We think about you and your loved ones feeling as if you are entering a family’s house.

Personalized Plan:

Typically, patients receive generic treatments with no idea what is going on or when it will end. We create a personal roadmap for our patients, so they can see what their treatment will look like, where it’s going, and the goals that will be achieved to reach optimum health.